Christian Lalama COVERS Billy Joel – Piano Man ROCK BALLAD

Christian Lalama COVERS Billy Joel – Piano Man ROCK BALLAD

107 views – oct 5 2015.

the idea girl says
Paul Lalama (musician) sent me a LIKE page on FACEBOOk for Christian who has the same vocal tones as Justin Bieber (rich sound, perfect pitch, even in LIVE concert! and for his age this is GREAT! it’s just what the music industry needs..)

posted his sound recording on Linkedin Linda RAndall for Film Music Producers for Soundtracks to look at this talented singer/songwriter.

here he plays piano and the HARMONICA at the SAME time!
It’s very DIFFICULT to do two instruments with different tones at the same time, so he’s super TALENTED just by showing what he can do! 🙂

lets play pass this video on!

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