Barley Brae Band Celtic Blue Grass Rock Music Live Concert pavillion friendship trail Ridgeway Fall Festival Ontario CAnada FILM 12 oct 2013 linda randall

Barley Brae pavillion friendship trail Ridgeway Fall Festival 12 oct 2013 linda randall

Barley Brae Band Celtic Blue Grass Rock Music Live Concert pavillion friendship trail Ridgeway Fall Festival Ontario CAnada FILM 12 oct 2013 linda randall

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We’ve been busy for the past year blogging about things to do in the niagara region ontario canada, in and around the peace bridge buffalo newyork USA by fort erie ontario canada.

It’s been a succesful year of filming and promoting the tourism industry here.

Now I’m filming community events whenever I get the time to do so and people here are very friendly and supportive.

A great place to visit and find lots to do, or to be quiet, and WRITE a book.

Anyone doing NANOWRIMO that wants to get somewhere to INSPIRE a good story, come to fort erie, ridgeway or crystal beach.

Lots of cottages to rent, bed and breakfast, motels and hotels, where you’ll find that special character, setting, or peace in your soul if you are facing troubled times…

A concert that went from 7 am till early afternoon, I slept in and missed most of the visitors and activities that day!

I did manage to get there at 1230 pm, near the end of the event.

I did some photo’s of the several stores, and their scarecrow contest displays….

I share those on my travel blogs.


I’ll be uploading the music, community events and things going on in the niagara region on the youtube channel I created


I still post things periodically on my other two youtube channels – idea girl consulting and igc entertainment ca.

Mostly I do my alien radio signal UFO research on the idea girl says youtube channel, book reviews, suggesting books that authors (NaNoWriMo), journalists and people wanting to do blog video tours, to look at and learn from.

local entertainment news and local videos that I find from others will be blogged on:

Niagara Region Ontario Canada wordpress news blog

some of my photos and a journal of my daily activities and film projects, writing, and ideas go on my journal blog:

I’ve created maps on how to get there from the peace bridge.





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