SUNCROWN – The Beginning is Near (Official Video) Music Indie Rock

SUNCROWN – The Beginning is Near (Official Video) Music Indie Rock

submissions to idea girl consulting youtube 5 aug 2013.. thanks.. love the song.. excellent!

Jul 28, 2013


Hello fans! Here is the first song and video from our upcoming album titled ‘You’re Not Alone’!
SUNCROWN is a Symphonic Metalband with members from 6 different countries around the world. After receiving positive feedback on our first album (‘Follow your Dream’ (2012)) we are back this year with a brand new full length album!

Line Up:
– Darren Crisp (Usa) – Vocals
– Juliana Furlani (Brazil) – Vocals
– Oleg Biblyi (Ukraine) – Keys, Symphonic arrangements
– Tim Zuidberg (Netherlands) – Drums
– Sindre Myskja (Norway) – Lead Guitar
– Kevin Ellerby (Usa) – Rhythm Guitar
– Ederson Prado (Brazil) – Bass Guitar
– Uğur Kerem Cemiloğlu (Turkey) – Flute

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