Kickstart Your Fantasy Novel Outline Part 1 B.T. Robertson

Kickstart Your Fantasy Novel Outline Part 1 B.T. Robertson


Video one in a three part series. Just some tips and opinions on what I’ve learned about outlining my fantasy novel series.

the idea girl says

I write an outline, number it and write each lined page (yes I right by hand first than type it up later…) every day.

From what I’ve read so far, most author’s recommend a daily goal of 1200 words per day.

I have an outline for the Aliens of Lamat Series, which I’m taking time in April 2013 to write (book 3).

I crossed out half of it, found I needed to rearrange the plot lines that were repetitive and write each section one piece at a time.

It doesn’t flow like it used too, so that might be a problem for me in the future.

My only goal in April is to write a rough draft. Book 2 only has 26,000 words. I’ll probably expand that from 60,000 to 80,000 words, once I add my character’s descriptions and settings. I write the plot and story line first, then when I edit the second time, I add settings and character descriptions. I have a typed sheet with the NAME of the SETTING, the Characters NAMES to make sure it’s spelled correctly. And a description of each character along with the setting’s details. Then I space it out throughout the manuscript. That’s what Agent’s want to see in 2013. They don’t want everything lumped in one paragraph.

Keeping the story flowing is key to make it a page turner. I learned this from reading loads of other people’s YA books.

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