Kasperians Galaxy Starz The Adventure Begins 2013

Kasperians Galaxy Starz The Adventure Begins 2013


quote from YT:

During their adventures, they discover the courage of being different and unique in their own ways. They promote their Alternative/ Pop Rock Band, Galaxy Starz and realize, “sometimes the things you’re looking for are right in front of you! We’re not perfect but we’re good enough.” Sometimes what happens in space doesn’t stay in space, it follows you home. Along the way, they discover the magic of the Universe that inspires the treasure trove of music with a mix of humor, adventure, courage and highlights principals of friendship, loyalty and mutual respect. Being different is what makes us who we are. “We all have but one lifetime and limited resources, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t chase our dreams.” Copyright 2012 Shaee Star Studios All Rights Reserved.

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