Only time – Enya (lyrics) karaoke for ISBE’s SING Protect Earth from Dark Rift

936hz-pineal-gland-activator-for-is-bes-airl-akana-2012-open-your-third-eye-see-into-the-futureisbes' hit high key in song936hz-pineal-gland-activator-for-is-bes-airl-akana-2012-open-your-third-eye-see-into-the-futureisbes’ hit high key in song

use your blue energy build the magnetic fields around earth thrice.

blue_energy_swirl zenith omega energy magnetic field ISBE's around earth SING to the heavensblue_energy_swirl zenith omega energy magnetic field ISBE’s around earth SING to the heavens

lyrics in video, sing ISB’s generate energy around earth deflect all asteroids and comets.

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