Welcome Fellow World NaNowriMo Writers I blog a weekly music playlist for you to type too…

Welcome Fellow World NaNowriMo Writers I blog a weekly music playlist for you to type too…

not only do I have over 200,000 writers tuning into to the playlists I love receiving brand new bands with professional original songs.

All video submissions need to be 5 mins 10 mins 15 mins 30 mins or one hour long.

I need those time limits for sentences – paragraphs and chapters.

A time limit for writers to have time to compose, write, type and take a break.

Meditation tunes for 3 to 5 mins are great for my writers coffee break tunes, which I usually blog on the idea girl says wp blog.

Hip hop will go on the calamity girl Wp.

Heavy metal punk rock tunes on the victoria stafford wp blog.

pop rock dance on everything else!

Blogging will be updated daily on some, weekly on others.. if i have time and feel up to it.

Dealing with health issues in 2012 – making this the biggest challenge in my life.

Thank you for visiting my blogs and sharing them.

Check out the calendars – I’ve been blogging music now for over 3 years.. so go back in time and find a new playlist to listen too!

see ya soon in the forums..

I’ll be video blogging this year on the idea girl says youtube channel and on the idea girl consulting youtube channel.

For my two audiences.. that like different things…

wish me luck!

Submissions go to: http://www.youtube.com/ideagirlconsulting

add me as a contact and I’ll check out your professional music videos.. I’ll blog the one’s that are really great. Let me know if your an international submission with the name of the country your from in your title’s or messages.

Write an interesting original song and I think it’s good for a film soundtrack i’ll post a heads up note for film tv music soundtrack producers to check you out on linkedin.

I rate the videos on market value – what type of film to put them in and sometimes I’ll direct them to a person in Hollywood who I know would love your track for their type of film.

No guarantees but usually they like what I send em! πŸ˜‰

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