“Ghostbusters” – Matthew Jordan & Friends HALLOWEEN SPECIAL!

“Ghostbusters” – Matthew Jordan & Friends HALLOWEEN SPECIAL!

the idea girl says

were all getting festive this year with halloween makeup tutorials , snack recipes and music especially written for your parties.. creating a halloween party night on idea girl consulting wordpress and the calamity girl wordpress..


A special Halloween tribute to my favorite old school ghost hunting team – the GHOSTBUSTERS! I was pretty much obsessed with all things Ghostbusters when I was a kid, so I had a lot of fun putting this together.

I also enlisted the help of some of my amazing YouTube friends to help me out with this one. Thanks to Ali Brustofski, Sabrina Carpenter, Chris Commisso, Matt Bednarsky, Chloe Boleti and Roomie (Joel Berghult) for joining in the fun! Be sure to check out all of their channels and great videos – links below.

Thanks for your support – please help out by commenting, rating, sharing and subscribing – and have an AWESOME HALLOWEEN!

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