The MAJOR Medley! – Joe Atlan (NextUp 2012 entry) music video

The MAJOR Medley! – Joe Atlan (NextUp 2012 entry) music video

the idea girl says

looking at contact submissions this week sept 27 2012.. found this lovely composer in there.

yt notes
Here comes FINALLY the video I’ve been making these last 2 weeks! 🙂 This one is a result of my aim to combine music, creativity & entertainment in my videos. Oh, you can also see I’m starting to play the Ocarina! 😀

If you aren’t a musician / don’t know the difference between “Major” and “Minor”, just check this short explanation!

Please take a few seconds to leave me a comment that I appreciate a lot! 🙂 also liking/ adding to favorites really helps me out of course! I will submit this video to Youtube NextUp contest. Thank you so much in advance for everything!

As you know, my friends, I submitted an entry to participate in YouFest and play on stage together with Sungha Jung, Paul Potts and many more famous artists, and in case you didn’t know, thanks to YOU ALL I got chosen among the winners!! These are great news for me and I’ll be playing there on 28th or 29th of this month 🙂

Take care and have a nice week, see you on the comments, next video or my Facebook page!

Thanks also to my mom and 2 little brothers to be the security guards 🙂


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