Shanghai ‘Most vulnerable to coastal floods,’ Study Finds

Shanghai ‘Most vulnerable to coastal floods,’ Study Finds

Shanghai, the largest city in China and one of the largest in the world, has been named as the most vulnerable city to major coastal flooding in a new study.
Shanghai, a major financial center and is sometimes called China’s commercial hub, with the busiest container port in the world has been named as the most vulnerable to coastal floods of nine cities examined from around the world.

It is highly exposed to hydrogeological factors such as storm surge and sea-level rise, while it has a high length of coastline and high value of river discharge.

Researchers from the Netherlands and England prepared the study, where they used new methods to calculate flood vulnerability.

In recent months, areas in China have experienced widespread flooding due to heavy rains, including in Beijing, where dozens were killed. Many Internet users blamed the Beijing floods partially on poor infrastructure caused by government corruption.

Two weeks ago, Typhoon Haikui slammed Shanghai and forced around 200,000 people to relocate to temporary housing, state-run media reported. Several people were killed.

[Shanghai resident Miss Shi]:
“In fact, every year, August is when we are most worried, because floods will be accompanied by a lot of things. So each time when there is a typhoon we have to worry about this problem. Shanghai is most vulnerable of floods. If there is tsunami in Shanghai, do not expect an evacuation will work. Really everybody will die. There will be no where to escape. ”

Shanghai, the study found, is especially poorly prepared against strong storm surges as sea levels rise. Meanwhile, a large number of people live along the coast there in areas subject to flooding.

[Shanghai resident, Mr. Wang]:
“it happened at 80s and 90s, Shanghai several times under heavy rain, the flood is enomous, I see no less than Beijing (7 • 21) flood. This time typhoon hit Shanghai, Xuhui district there still a lot of water. If huge floods disaster happen, like the latest Beijing rainstorm, after all considering such huge population of Shanghai, the population is so dense, it is quite worrisome. ”

The study evaluated nine cities, finding that the European cities of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and Marseille in France are the best-prepared.

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