Krymsk Russia Flood Kills 150

Russian flood victims blame government.

Residents blame lack of warning system for deadly flood. Julie Noce reports.

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The waters are receding but there’s a torrent of questions about whether the deadly floods in southwest Russia could have been averted.

A wall of water hit the town of Krymsk late Saturday night as residents slept.
At least 150 people were killed.

Now some are saying officials opened a reservoir in the mountains, possibly on purpose, flooding their town to spare a more populous resort nearby.

“Nobody warned us, our local television channels were not working. There were no cars with loudspeakers in the streets, there was no warning. I already said that the neighbours called Emergencies Ministry that night (before the flood) and they told us ‘sleep well’. ”

Investigators and local officials have rejected the possibility of a release from the reservoir, intentional or accidental.

President Vladimir Putin has ordered investigators to focus instead on local officials’ actions to warn residents of danger.

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