ABC 20/20 Segment 1986: Tornadoes, Storm Chasers

ABC 20/20 Segment 1986: Tornadoes, Storm Chasers

ABC 20/20 news segment on tornadoes, severe weather research, and historical impacts various events from the late 1970’s and mid 1980’s. Features the TOTO (TOtable Tornado Observatory) team, Dr. Howard Bluestein, NSSL (National Severe Storms Laboratory) researchers, Doppler Radar research, along with the 10-April-1979 Wichita Falls, Texas tornado. The segment pulls from material from the NOAA public awareness video “Terrible Tuesday”, and production plays very similarly to the WGBH-NOVA production from the previous year.

This is the full ABC News segment produced by Bernard Cohen. ©1986 ABC News, All Rights Reserved. Online for archival and educational purposes only.

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