C2CAM – Solar Activity & the Universe – Coast To Coast AM David B. Sereda, Cheryl Cran

C2CAM – Solar Activity & the Universe – Coast To Coast AM

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Date: 06-02-10
Host: George Noory
Guests: David B. Sereda, Cheryl Cran

Space scientist, filmmaker and mystic ecologist David Sereda discussed his latest research on differentials, energy, and the hidden codes in the Universe, as well as how sunspot activity is affecting the Earth. Based on his observance of solar activity, he said he’s been able to predict various earthquakes such as the ones in Chile, and Haiti, as well as other Earth disasters. “There was a million-mile kilometer long snake, called a filament, hanging out of one of these…sunspots,” he explained, adding that when this filament collapses it can lead to a rare eruption on the sun called a hydra-flare. The charged plasma wave from the flare takes 3-4 days to get here, and Sereda predicted that something huge was coming, “and sure enough, that was Chile– 8.8,” he said.

He’s also matched past major disasters such the December 26, 2004 Tsunami to a massive eruption on the sun. A Boeing scientist who has been witness to some of his predictions believes this theory needs to be submitted for research at USGS, he reported. By monitoring the sun and predicting events, Sereda hopes that the global mind can affect and help diminish the power of these potential disasters before they happen, and has seen some success in this regard.

Sereda also spoke about harmonic ratios in the universe, and how zero point energy might be approached by building a wave generator that produces certain vibrations or infinities. In regard to life beyond Earth, he suggested that exotic life forms could exist based on other ratios, such as planetary-sized watery beings that might thrive in a galactic black hole.
Gen Y & Fantasy Characters

First hour guest, consultant Cheryl Cran talked about the vampire/werewolf craze among young people. Generation Y (kids born after 1980) identify with characters that have special gifts or traits that set them apart, such as depicted in fantasies like the TV show Heroes, and the Twilight book & film series, she explained.

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