Wildfires rage near Athens, hours before crucial vote 17 june 2012

Wildfires rage near Athens, hours before crucial vote 17 june 2012

Wildfires raged through different parts of Greece on Saturday a day before crucial elections which has already spooked voters, international banks and world markets. The first blaze was reported in Keratea, some 50km south of the Greek capital Athens at around noon local time , where flames spread through isolated houses burning down several homes. As the day progressed fires were also reported in Pendeli and Marathonas, suburbs in the north east of Athens, and in Patras and Neapoli in the Peloponese. Four aircraft, one helicopter and more than 100 firefighters with dozens of engines battled flames surrounding the settlements of Synterina, Agiasmos, Katafygi and Palaia Fokaia. Residents were running around wooded areas with water buckets and hoses to try to put out the flames The Greek radio station Skai said the Keratea fires were started accidentally by welders working near a wooded area. They said the Keratea fire is not threatening residential areas but because because it is spreading fast they evacuated villages and closed off roads.
Wildfires rage near Athens, hours before crucial vote (1:23)


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