TS Talim & Ex- Typhoon Guchol hit Japan TAiwan Video Update 21 June 2012

TS Talim & Ex- Typhoon Guchol hit Japan TAiwan Video Update 21 June 2012

127 kph rainfall 405 mm rain falling in japan flooding cities.

Taipei Taiwan — People of the island nation of Taiwan prepare for Tropical Storm Talim today. Over 40,000 soldiers from the Taiwan military have been helping residents prepare sandbags and clear rivers in light of the immense amount of rain that is expected on top of what has already occurred across much of Taiwan.

TRMM satellite images from NASA show up to 1000mm in some areas just east of Taiwan with numbers approaching that amount over the island.

Now with Talim knocking on the island countries door step as it passes through the Taiwan strait many residents are fearful of further landslides and flooding.

This is why the government headquarters in Taipei are being extra cuatios by issuing evacuations to over 4,000 people. Further more businesses and schools across the Northern Portions of the Island have been told to close down business this evening and through the overnight hours. This is to reduce traffic flow across the area and ultimetly saving lives.

With nearly 1,200mm expected during the duration of this event these threats very well could be come serious and deadly.

At the time of this update Guchol Was Just West of Taiwan. It is a very disorganized system but it is embedded within the monsoonal trough giving it ample moisture as it rushes North East. The radar to the right shows moisture pushing on shore like a conveyor belt across the south. This is bringing nearly 60mm an hour over several hours to some lcoations.

Japan will be on the hit list by Thursday as Talim approaches the Southern Island of Kyushu. With rivers already flooded here due to Guchol more rainfall will only enhance the mess in the area.

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