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(This video has been taken from Avenues Television_”Khabar Bhitra Ko Khabar” Program. The total program was divided into three parts in which part 1 is here.)

Call for action: Please contribute to help Bajura Landslide Victims

“Your small help can make a big difference!!!”

31st May 2012 9:30 pm: A devastating landslide triggered by intensive rains washed away 57 houses and shops and left five people dead and many injured in the remote village of Pipaldali, located in ward 9 of Bandhu VDC, Bajura. It also destroyed the Kolti Water Supply System, Kolti Primary Health Centre, 4-5 km of Kolti Pipaldali road, 50-60 ropanis of agricultural land and local irrigation systems.
The victims are all from poor families and many are “Dalits”

Because of the remoteness of the village, it took several days for news of this incident to reach the media and relief agencies. While some emergency support have been provided by the local people and government and non-government agencies, there is a need for more help, particularly for food, shelter, water supply and sanitation, health care and psycho-social counselling. With monsoon rains around the corner, there is a possibility of further damage and spread of epidemic due to lack of safe water and sanitation.

We call everyone to support this campaign. All your support will go directly towards supporting the needy people in Bajura in a transparent manner.

If you want to provide financial support, please deposit your contribution at:
A/C: ENPHO-Paschim Paaila/01-0019526-15/Standard Chartered Bank Nepal/Kathmandu

Pachim Paaila, a youth-led campaign against diarrhoea epidemic, together with other concerned organizations, is launching a campaign to immediately mobilize much needed support for the landslide victims. This includes fund raising for emergency supplies, mobilizing a team of health care professionals to visit the area, and providing support for improved water, sanitation and hygiene. All support will be provided through local organizations and in coordination with the District Disaster Relief Committee.

For more information, please visit: or contact Paschim Paaila at 4468641, 4493188 or

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