6/16/2012 — Severe weather outbreak – AZ NM CO TX LA MO IA IL MN WI MI IN OH KY

6/16/2012 — Severe weather outbreak – AZ NM CO TX LA MO IA IL MN WI MI IN OH KY

Use the links here to monitor weather nationally and internationally:


Across Canada, USA, and into Mexico — Hail, damaging winds and confirmed Tornadoes.

Colorado — west of Pueblo — NWS issued tornado warning .. heading ESE .

New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, North Mexico… damaging winds, and hail detected… heading ENE and WSW — counter clockwise rotation…

Also.. Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Arkansas, Tennessee Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin are experiencing hail and damaging winds as well.

All systems are heading in the general direction of east / northeast — from as far north as British Columbia Canada.. and as far south as the Florida Keys / Cuba.

Multiple low pressure systems at play — plus the hurricane off the SW coast of Mexico dropping arms off upper layers of the storm .. which will head / are heading towards south Florida across the Gulf of Mexico.

HAVE A SEVERE WEATHER PLAN READY ! Sometimes these storms drop in with only a moments notice.. and they will carry on into late night hours when most people are asleep.

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