Texas Weather Modification Right Before Freak Hail Storms = $400 Million+ Damages – June 2012

Texas Weather Modification Right Before Freak Hail Storms = $400 Million+ Damages – June 2012

http://sheilaaliens.net/?p=836 June 11, 2012 – Seeding [cloud seeding aka weather modification] Operations were conducted over Sterling and Glasscock Counties. 21 flares plus 7 hygroscopic flares were burned within two large clouds.

June 05, 2012 – Seeding operations were conducted over Irion, Schleicher, Sutton and Tom Green Counties. 15 flares plus 4 hygroscopic flares were burned within four clouds. View Full Report

West Tx Weather Modification
http://wtwma.com/operations_page.htm — this page has only had 90 visitors since August of 2006. You’d think there would be much more visits, comparing seeding dates to dates of severe and costly weather… Is nobody keeping an eye on TX?

CHECK OUT THIS MAP: http://www.weathermodification.org/projectlocations.php click on the rain clouds over TX.


Texas Weather Modification Association

The storm clips at the end are all from the past couple of days out of Texas (sources = youtube and http://www.younewstv.com/results?keywords=video)

All other sources are self-evident on the screen 🙂

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