Emilie Omland Grimstad (12) – The Story – Brandie Carlile – LIVE finals of a talent competition on the cruiseship Color Magic

Emilie Omland Grimstad (12) – The Story – Brandie Carlile – LIVE finals of a talent competition on the cruiseship Color Magic

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the idea girl says

i can see that Emilie Omland Grimstad’s album would be a hit with Miley Cyrus fans, Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Christina Agueleria, Madonna, Lady Gaga and other pop rock stars here in North America.
She’s a cutie pie at age 12 and great stage presence. She does have pitch problems with higher notes. I would advise her to lower the key for the songs or do some more deep breathing exercises with her diaphram.

She has all the right ingredients though to become a super star and I can see she has been working hard to promote herself in Europe.

She sent me her youtube channel to take a look at.

Very impressive so far.. Google searching her in various music contests and I can see her confidence level went up from 2010 when she auditioned and got into the Semi Finals Round 2 on the Norway’s Got Talent or X Factor TV Show (not exactly sure which one it is…)

She seemed a bit lost in her songs and that’s why she didn’t make it to the finals. Give her some experience and confidence and we have a MEGA super Star here to work with.

I’m going to post a message on Linked IN.. Disney and Nickelodeon loves finding young raw talent to work with and she’s the perfect age to be in a TV Show.

She reminds me a bit of Hannah Montana look with the long pretty blonde hair.

hannah-montana miley cyrus blonde hair disney pop rock music star

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