Rachel Crow’s New Look for Disney’s Films Animations Movies TV Show – Super Star in the Making!

rachel crow x factor usa 2011 with hair stylist new hair do

the idea girl says

Disney was smart to sign this little 13 year old comedien gifted X Factor USA TV Show 2011 Fifth Finalist as predicted she’s going to be richer than Ophrah Winfrey in a few years… She’s got a very bright fun aura and a lovely soul and kids are going to love her.

This new hair doo is fabulous, don’t you just love a make over?

I recognize the fella from a tv show look alike? or fashion tv.. i know him from somewhere and I’m assuming he did the new look for Rachel she looks so much different and now her beauty shines even more. 😉

rachel crow on the wendy williams tv show after x factor usa tv show 2011 5th finalist pop rock star soon to be tv film disney star

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