Rachel Crow – BEFORE The X Factor USA TV SHOW 2011 – First Audition Pizza & Karaoke Chip, Kim CJ and Ted McAllister’s TV pilot P&K

Rachel Crow – BEFORE The X Factor USA TV SHOW 2011 – First Audition Pizza & Karaoke Chip, Kim CJ and Ted McAllister’s TV pilot P&K


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looking for previous footage of rachel crow’s many auditions for tv shows and anything you have upload to youtube and send me a message I’m blogging it for her fans.

were routing for her to win here in canada πŸ˜‰

Last year the bright shining star, who is Rachel Crow, auditioned for Chip, Kim (Winners of The Amazing Race), CJ and Ted McAllister’s TV pilot, Pizza & Karaoke (P&K), which was her first audition. Every one in the cast had to be able to sing. Well Rachel totally BLEW AWAY all who experienced her audition. Starring as Darla, Rachel commanded attention in every scene in which she was involved. As she elevated the quality of P&K, she is cataputing her stardom to a new stratosphere on The X Factor. In this video, Rachel covers a few songs during her tenure with P&K. Chip, Kim, CJ and Ted are proud to have been the first to believe in Rachel.

RACHEL fans.. make sure you post a note on facebook if you wanna see rachel on their TV show. She auditioned for it last year πŸ˜‰

Pizza and Karaoke is the new television series that looks into the lives of young people as they try to find their place in this world. In particular Chris Batzakidou, a 15 year old high school freshman who has spent his entire life being β€œAverage”. He is average in his mind as well as the minds of others. He is not only average, but he is also invisible. In school, he is not the jock or rebel
Daniel Landers
Directed By
Chip McAllister
Written By
Ted McAllister


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