a Fistful of Dollars – Clint Eastwood – Movie Review Linda Randall – Hilarious Western Movie 1964

A Fistful of Dollars (1964) dir sergio leone, wri a bonzzoni, victor andres catena, clint eastwood, gian maria volonte,marianne koch

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I missed the last hour of this funny movie and I’m waiting for it to come back on tv.

I’m not into westerns at all but we were watching it.

I was amazed at how funny it was.

I wanted to give the screen writer credit.

then I look up the info on IMDB and there is 11 writers? LOL

KUDOS to all of you for creating such funny character, dialog and witty, charming humor with clint eastwood (a  total babe of course) in this very entertaining movie

good for all ages.  the mild violence is nothing compared to what we have nowadays lol


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