Flawless- DIAMOND THEFT – Movie Review Linda Randall – Dir Michael Radford, Writer Edward Anderson,Demi Moore Michael Caine

flawless movie poster - michael caine demi moore director michael radford writer edward anderson

the idea girl says

I loved the directing from Michael Radford in this film (this is funny cause my character in my screenplay is michael ferreras (radford) and david radford and I didn’t know there WAS a director by the name RADFORD, any hoo)

clear cut shots and he builds suspense and mystery and your like shocked!

Screen Writer Edward Anderson does a fabulous job with the dialog because you don’t see it coming, the mystery

He makes it look like things are simple, but then they become complicated and your wondering every second what is going to happen next.

Demi Moore plays the nervous type well, the shaking hands, the constant smoking.

I didn’t like the black hair for some reason, I think she would have looked better as a blonde in this movie, (blonde vixen role)

There is a question that doesn’t make sense so I have to watch the movie OVER again.

how does she become the “power house” and first woman to be a manager? LOL

the guys were talking during the movie so I guess I’m going to have to tell you that this is a girls mystery story.

there wasn’t enough action to keep the guys quiet, they wanted to talk about wrestling instead.

so their interest wasn’t averted, and I think it’s because the story runs a little bit slow, too much of demi walking in, signing in, walking out, I think they could have done something different with those types of scenes.

the fact that there’s no relationships, no romance in the story makes it fall a bit flat.

the acting was great, I think if you added in a few action scenes this movie would have done better in theatres.

but that’s just my opinion. πŸ™‚

“Flawless” was on tv last night and we really enjoyed the movie

it’s got some twists in the story line which gives you some suspense

and I was shocked how it changed completely in the story line

so KUDOS to the writer, Β you did a marvelous job Β there.

Kudo’s to actors Michael Caine ( I love your work) and Demi Moore for being such a sexy voice in this movie πŸ™‚




demi moore as laura quinn in movie flawless 2007

demi moore

michael caine as mr hobbs, demi moore as laura quinn in movie flawless 2007

lambert wilson as finch in flawless movie

I enjoyed Lambert Wilson’s performance, I’d love to see him in more movies or even a TV series where he plays the role of a Private Investigator πŸ™‚


Demi Moore, Bruce Willis, Tallulah Belle Willis, Emma Heming

director michael radford, demi moore - flawless movie

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