2010 MTV Video Music Awards Highlights Recap Clevver TV – DAna WARD

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a bird house on her head? LOL



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We’re recapping this year’s standout moments from the MTV VMAs. Keep watching!

Hello hello and welcome to ClevverTV. I’m Dana Ward and today we’re talking what everyone’s talking about post-VMAs. You know, the moments that were memorable from the music celebration. Some of those ‘what-the’ times came along side the hostest with the mostest, Chelsea Handler, in her opening skit, walking thru the MTV halls in a robe, getting butt-smacked by every passerby. She’s running away straight into a mentor-of-sorts, Lindsay Lohan, who dishes HER advice on getting control in life, who then butt-smacks her. And then there was her entry as a Lady Chelsea with a bird house on her hear. Or what about when she’s suddenly pregnant after hopping in the hot tub with the Jersey Shore cast – ew – there was actually water in there. Eminem actually opened the show with his Not Afraid track – it was pretty cool how the intimate setting had 2 walls pushed back to reveal the giant stage with crazy audience – and what about Rihanna stepping in for some love?? Usher’s laser, high-tech, dance-heavy performance was cool and so was Florence and the Machine’s cool circle themed and aerial shot song. A high-energy musical act came from Justin Bieber who pulled up in a red convertible and hopped right on stage – changing from an old school prep to a cool kid in a bedazzled Bieber varisty jacket. Baby and Somebody to Love were mixed in there with a sweet dance break and the classic Justin move to wrap-up by playing the drums and then a bunch of streamers signaled the true end. Another much-hyped performance came from Taylor Swift who’s act started with a rewind to last year’s Kanye West stage steal. An Old Hollywood dressed Taylor played the guitar while singing, ultimately emerging barefoot onto the big empty stage. Some of the lyrics like ‘Who you are is not what you did’ swirled across giant LED screens – this was a message for Kanye… and the whole song really seems to be just about him. Of course, West was ready to take it all on, neon red suit and all by rapping about his bad reputation at the show’s end, a performance that left everyone confused as to how to feel about the situation – and I’m not talking Jersey Shore. Should we have toasted along with him?? So mixing it all up were sketches with Chelsea Handler throwing the New Artist luncheon, which showed some of the nominees in a funny light: Ke$ha jokingly adding a dollar sign to Handler’s ‘HOST’ name tag, and Chelsea running after Justin Bieber shouting ‘give me your wig’. Bruno Mars, B.o.b and Hayley Williams did a nice set and Linkin Park rocked out with a sweet show at Griffith Park Observatory – now that was a cool location! So those were some of the standout moments including performances for the live LA awards show. What was your favorite thing about the 2010 MTV VMAs and what would you have changed if you could? Let us know by posting a comment here. And be sure to head over to YouTube.com/ClevverTV and click subscribe so you can get MTV updates and well as the 411 about all of your fave musicians and more. Dana Ward here, thanks for tuning in!

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