Cobus – Breaking Benjamin – I Will Not Bow (Drum Cover) – NEW ARTIST – Writers Typing Tunes

cobus-potgieter3 - drum solos - idea girl consulting entertainment canada - linda randall

Blog surfing while working on my novel outlines 🙂

cobus potgieter - deedlebag youtube music channel - idea girl consulting

another blog featuring this new artist 🙂

the idea girl says

Cobus – you are one hell of a wicked drummer, love your youtube videos

posting them on ALL my entertainment, writing blogs.. 🙂

let’s give him more views – 324 012 – pass it on

Can we make it a million in a month?

let’s try!

Linda Randall

Idea Girl Consulting Entertainment Canada

deedlebag |youtube channel

Laus Deo Semper
(by far most active here. fo shizzle.)
(head over to the forum and tell everybody what you think of the video!)

EPIC drummer wrote this drum part, and it’s always equally fun and intimidating playing along to one of Chad Szeliga’s creations. I have always felt most comfortable playing this kind of hard rock stuff (maybe a little bit heavier) but also with a very strong groove edge to it, which Chad perfectly executes. I love this.

Awesome band, AWESOME drummer.

Just as a sidenote (for the audio engineers and mixer who might be wondering) NO replacement or triggering was done in this mix. Every single stroke you hear was just eq’d, mixed, and compressed; I didn’t layer or trigger or replace anything.


Breaking Benjamin – I Will Not Bow
from the 2009 release “Dear Agony”
is the copyrighted property of its owner(s).


Cobus Potgieter LDS Signature Series……

TRX Cymbals |

Jobeky Electronic Drums |

Recording equipment:
Samson |
supplied and imported by Audiosure, South Africa |

Skins and sticks supplied by
Music Connection |

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