The Welland Canal Wetlands 3 – BGT- I find a 200 year old cemetery – Linda Randall – Squidoo

Part 3
Linda Randall shares a story about the blue ghost tunnel and why she thinks its haunted. Photos of the 3rd welland canal, the old pump house, pathways from the ice age that happened in this area 12,000 years ago (according to Nasa Scientists). Photos of the old german church possible 5 acres of burial grounds located under the welland canal. The spirits haunt the underground railway tunnel because they want to be moved to a proper burial place. In March of 2009 only 7 bodies were recovered and moved to the Lakeview Cemetery. I think there are about 1000 bodies that can be moved, according to the research I found in the st catharines museum with records dating back to the 1800s from the local vicars.
read the story and newspaper clippings about this strange tale on:……

BGT = Blue Ghost Tunnel
An underground railway tunnel (Merritton Tunnel on the grand trunk railway) where in 1903 a train accident happened. People think it was the train’s people haunting the tunnel. The two engineers that died have been sighted in the tunnel. The real story is the gravesite close by. I believe that is the reason for the negative energy in the tunnel. I did bless their souls and ask for them to pass to the other side, but I made a promise to do whatever it takes to have this investigated. I managed to put a bug in the city’s ear in 2009. Nothing happened until a guy found a casket handle and a human bone while out scouting in the area where I’ve taken photosthe shock is this. The land’s been cleared! All the dense vegetation is gone? The grave stones have been removed in some cases? In a small area… not sure why or what is going on there.
Linda Randall
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