Happy – Hey Kristina – Your Song – Luke Conrad

luke conrad - happy - band ministry of music

Last night I was tweeting on Twitter (The Idea Girl) to several people and reading my followers posts and responding to them.

I was being saucy as usual and found some people that never tweet, but they are my followers so I sent them a message.

I hate it when I get a follower that doesn’t have the message tab active.

I found a way to get around it.

Just copy and paste @twittername and they will pick up the post in their feed.

I got responses back.

I was having fun posting messaging people that have like 2000 followers and buddy has only posted 3 messages in the past few years?

How is it, he has so many followers?

Is it because he uses Twitter follow and just follows those that follow him?

I don’t like the restrictions of how many people you are allowed to follow on Twitter.

I wish they would change that, don’t you?

Look me up on Twitter.

Ministry of Music

I’d love to hear from my readers where you’re from and if you have any suggestions of topics that you’d like me to cover on my blog or names of musicians that you like.

I also receive emails in youtube from artists that want their music video’s promoted.

I’m also looking for material that is funny, comedy skits, fan movie and music videos and anything that inspires writing or new hobby’s.

I really feel for Luke when he sings Happy.

I think we’ve all had a heartbreak at one time or another in our lives.

We just have to pick up and keep going.

You know what I found out over the years?

When someone leaves, after several months or years have passed, someone new comes along.

That person is better and our standards are higher for what we expect in a mate.

Never go down the ladder of life, always go up!

Youtube channel lukeconard make sure you post a comment and let Luke know that you viewed his video on my site!

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