Rock Me Around The Christmas Tree – Shopping Fairview Mall, Pen Center, Seaway Mall, Niagara Square – St Catharines, Welland and Niagara Falls, Flea Markets


I always enjoy the rush at the last minute when I’d be shopping like mad on December 24th for my last minute gifts.

The mall would have midnight madness at the Seaway Mall, Pen Center or Fairview Mall . Here you will find a website where you will find a phone directory, fashion, designer and La Moda Shoes.

It’s time for the ladies to go buy some lovely boots and coats for themselves.

I found some great deals at Winners and Zellers.

Coats are 30% off at Zellers and it’s just what Santa ordered.

I found some really nice boots there too.

As for my Christmas Shopping, I’ll be checking out the flea markets in several cities.

That’s the best place for deals on designer hand bags, hats, scarves and purses. (London rocks for Flea Market variety in this category)

There’s also unique furniture and custom made dressers, tables and bookcases. (Pickering Flea Market has a great selection)

The St Catharines Flea Market has specials on baked goods, meats, candies, collectibles, Betty Boop, furniture, pets (rabbit and bird food at a discount).

Fresh produce, furniture, tools, books, fishing gear, stereo equipment, cds, and records.

My favorite stand is Fuzzy’s.

She sells books for $1 and makes the best banana bread for $1.50.

Dave sells incense, special herbal products.

You can even buy a bunny for $10, finches for  $10, doves and budgies for under $25  including the cages and food.

We go to the Flea Markets all the time, and find all sorts of cool things to clutter our house with.

Sometime’s we’ll go there for breakfast or lunch, everything is under $5.

Some Flea Markets have a cover charge from 50 cents to 1 dollar.

While other’s charge nothing.

When times are tough you’ve got to look for the best bargains.

I was sad to see that my XPress chinese store was no longer at Niagara Square.

I loved buying Chinese art pieces for my home.

However there is a good gift shop at Niagara Square that sells meditation and classical CDs for $15. (everywhere else they are $30 to $35 for the same ones)

I’ll keep you posted if I see any more bargains out there.

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