Michael Jackson, Beatles, Marilyn Munroe, Elvis Presley, James Dean – Watches J J Jewellery – Hagglers Market Place – Hamilton Ontario Canada

hagglers flea market

We went to Hamilton today to check out 2 flea markets there.

I spotted something wonderful for Christmas that is unique and cool.

Watches with Michael Jackson, Beatles, James Dean, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Munroe on them.

Lovely designs, and affordable prices!

Only 29 to 49 dollars.  Not bad for a Christmas gift. 🙂

michael jackson watches J J Jewellery Hagglers market Place Hamilton

michael jackson watches J J Jewellery Hagglers market Place Hamilton

I found Haggler’s Market Place on Google.

It’s opened every Sunday at the Strathbarton Mall  at 1565 Barton St E, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

There are about 110 booths of new and used things like jewellery, books,  furniture, clothing, televisions, running shoes,  records, gifts and  collectibles.

From 10 am – 5 pm, 905-545-4747

She also has the latest silver stylings from Italy.

Italian Silver never tarnishes, nor does it have any traces of nickel in it. (for those of you allergic to silver, you can wear Italian Silver instead.)

I was excited to hear that, because my fingers swell when I wear silver or gold.

I was talking to Judy Jackson and she’s a lively, blonde woman with a wonderful aura and a sweet disposition.

She’s also very knowledgeable in fashion, jewellery and designer quality work in jewels.

It was fun talking to her and within a span of ten minutes, I learned many things about jewellery, record collections and fashion sense.

I told her she should start a blog and do some articles for Helium.

Judy will also come to your home and throw a party, and you receive a gift for doing so!

Contact Judy Jackson

bus# 905-389-0025

cell# 905-741-3456

Or drop her an email: judyjackson@sourcecable.net

italian silver example

Italian silver example

beatles watch example

beatles watch example

marilyn munroe watch example

marilyn munroe watch example



elvis presley watch example

elvis presley watch example

** Please note, watches are examples only, Judy may not carry the exact designs presented here.**

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