Psychic Clue – Mariam Makhniashvili – Toronto Island Airport Construction Passenger Terminal

I went to Toronto and walked on Toronto Island this week and felt Mariam’s presence there?

I felt that either she was there or had been there.

Then I shrugged off the feeling and thought there was no way she had been there.

I just assumed she went to school and home and that’s it.

Then I did some research today and was surprised to find out that she had visited the Toronto Island on September 13th just after 11 10 am. (according to the Union Station videos and police reports)

According to the Fall Schedule she would have caught the Ferry at 11:45 am to Center/Ward Island?

If there were any tourists on the ship at the time, they need to take a look at their video coverages or pictures taken.

Did you happen to catch a picture of Mariam?

Also did she leave the Island on the Sunday?

Why is there only a video of her going TO the Island?

She would have had to go through Union Station to come back home?

What if she really disappeared while on the Island on Sunday September 13th?

Did anyone there see her?

It would have been her first CONTACT with the public and maybe someone on the Dragon Boat RACE Volunteer Team would speak her language?

Or another case scenario.

She was feeling uncomfortable that day at school and went back to the island on Monday September 14th  because she enjoyed it so much and while visiting there was abducted?

I did a Google Search today @ 230 am.

There is construction at the Toronto City Airport for a Passenger Terminal on Toronto Island?

Have the police or detectives checked that area for clues?

I feel that they should look there.

Also find out if the walls have a gap of 1.5 feet in between them anywhere in the construction sites within that area.

If you find a place like that then you have to check all construction that was drywalled since Sunday September 13, 2009.

Look in between the walls, that was in that dream that I had.

I also noticed a white yacht, navy blue stripe on side with a whirly thing on top.

It was driving away from Toronto Island and went to the dock on the left side near the ferry station. (I was on the ferry boat facing the dock by Queens Quay where you dismount for Bay St.  The Yacht was parked to the left a few docks down.)

It looks like the same yacht in my dreams before (where girls were abducted) the police need to check it out for clues.

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3 Responses to Psychic Clue – Mariam Makhniashvili – Toronto Island Airport Construction Passenger Terminal

  1. JessK says:

    Do you think she is still alive?

  2. no i havent worked on any of the cases posted lately.. i did have one with jessica lyons and the authorities found her thank god, but nothing lately havent tapped into that third eye lately

  3. Trupti says:

    It’s been months since she disappeared, have you received any other information?

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