Inglourious Basterds- Brad Pitt – Quentin Tarantino – Women Will Love It!

brad pitt

brad pitt

quentin tarantino

quentin tarantino

This movie is viewing World Wide, even in Europe!

It’s #1 at the box office, and has better ratings than District 9!

As of 7 pm last night viewer ratings were 7.3/10 for District 9 and 9.3/10 for Inglourious Basterds!

Surprising but not!

It was a funny movie with tons of action, adventure and had a great story line!

Imagine Jews getting their revenge on the Nazi’s!

Imagine a Jewish girls plots her revenge on the Nazi’s and carries it out after waiting 4 years to do so!

Not only does she get revenge on the officers, she goes after the Captain, or Lieutenant that gave the orders to kill her family! 🙂

It’s not only about men in this movie, there’s women too that plot their revenge and your rooting for them to get it! 🙂

I think everyone should go see this movie this weekend or next weekend!

Tuesday night is when your movie tickets are a few dollars cheaper so you can plan to go all day at a cheaper price if you want!

Women will love the movie Inglourious Basterds because it’s funny, entertaining, smart and it will tickle your funny bone!

I admit there are a few gory parts, but honestly the script is just so much fun to listen to you will hardly notice!

I’ve posted several videos, interviews and trailers about the movie on The Idea Girl Says along with my movie review!

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