Top 10 Best Summer Tunes

This video is great for beach lovers, talk about gorgeous pictures.  I’ve never travelled to the Caribbean, but I hope I do once I get my books published.

Time flies when your having fun, here it’s 438 a.m. and I started this around 1026pm , so for six hours I’ve been putting pictures and blogs on here about Victoria Stafford.  Now I’m having a few minutes of down time, before I go to lullabye land.

I’ve always had trouble sleeping so I have my Delta Sleep CD handy.  That music makes me ZZZZ in no time!  thre great thing is that even if you only sleep for 4 hours a night (like me) then you get a good solid rest, and have some REM sleep included in your night of rest.

This is so weird, I have my chinese 68 pressure point flip floops on and my feet are burning and vibrating to this music?   Now that’s what I call music that goes from the top of my head down to the tips of my toes!

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