AC/DC TNT – Port Mansion – Port Dalhousie – St Catharines, Ontario

AC/DC TNT is a raspy rock n roll song that I really cannot understand the words too; but I love the drums, bass guitar and electric guitar.

I used to love my dad’s (Larry Randall)stereo system we had four of those 6ft tall speakers in our house (taylors?). My father was a musician and traveled around and sang.

When he was younger he was in a band called The Shades OF Blue. They used to play at Port Mansion in Port Dalhousie in 1966 (down on Lakeport Rd by Lake Ontario in St Catharines). I know because I was born then and Mom used to stick me under the table there during band practice.

I’m lucky i’m not deaf, but I love to listen to LOUD rock music. I love my itech headset, it’s got digital BASS sound and with this music, my soul is euphoric.

This bar is still alive with some good music every weekend it’s party time!

You can also take a nice romantic walk along the pier, on the beach or do some late night fishing here.

We usually take our old bread there and feed the geese, swans, ducks and seagulls. Lots of boats park along the pier or in the marina from Toronto. There’s Tim Hortons, The Lions Club, The Cottage,seafood, finger food, dinners, gourmet, pizza, ice cream and lovely shops — a small tourist town for our guests. There are live bands all week long at each of the bars in Port Dalhousie.

The Kilt n Klover has great Scottish,Irish Beer and Food.

There will be a large carnival there for the July 1 – 4th. The carousel only charges 5 cents a ride.

Directions QEW NIAGARA – Ontario ST (ST Catharines exit -theres towns nearby with same street names) – Hang a left, go about 4sets of lights – Left onto Lockport Rd (follows right into Port Dalhousie) Large parking lot by Murphy’s Restaurant (go down the hill)

port mansion port dalhousie st catharines ontario
port dalhousie pier march 2009
port dalhousie carousel st catharines ontario

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