Adam Lambert Says He is Feeling Good

Adam Lambert shows his true talents with “Feeling Good.” He managed to change the music so that it sounds like an up-to-date song. He does his screaming in this one; so if you have a headache, take a Tylenol first.

The vocals are really strong and he goes into several different ranges. Not many vocalists can do that these days. Have you noticed most of the songs are like 4 sentences repeated and the melody is only 3 notes? Kind of boring to some who love the art of music.

Can you imagine Beethoven and Adam Lambert in a concert. The many notes, and singing would blend so well together. I could see Adam Lambert doing an Opera. Actually so can Simon Cowell, I believe his comment on Adam’s performance was…”You look like the Phantom of The Opera in that Long Coat.”

I would love to see Adam Lambert as “The Phantom of The Opera!”

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2 Responses to Adam Lambert Says He is Feeling Good

  1. Vicki says:

    Adam, You were the best young man ever on Idol that has the range in vocals that you do!

    Enjoy that new Fusion!


    Vicki Blevins
    Bristol, Tennessee

  2. soccergirl83 says:

    cool! i ❤ adam lambert!

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