Developing Followers For Your Blogs

They say you need a good readers base before publishing a book. The funny thing is I blog about everyday life, and it’s got nothing to do with history or romantic stuff. Maybe it’s time I start doing some mini stories about the book, excerpts and publish those as blogs on my Idea Girl Consulting Word Press site, to create some interest.

I was thinking of doing more work on The Mansion On The Hill novel notes, so that people can use it as a reference when searching for historical information about Canada in the early 1900s. Then I can blog about it on my various sites and generate interest in the web pages. I tried it and it works! I’ve also listed the pages on for people to view and it has generated traffic to the sites.

Another great tool i’m using is called Site Meter. They email you weekly reports on your traffic stats and give you the time and daily visit information. A very useful tool indeed! It looks like I’m getting most of my traffic from 11 pm till 2 am and 12 noon on Word Press. I haven’t looked at the stats on Blog Spot yet.

As for Twitter Followers, I let people know that I’ll follow them if they follow me. I ask them to read and comment on my blogs and websites and I’ve asked what they prefer that I write about. You get a lot of good feedback from people, so far ive gotten over 1700 messages sent back and forth and over 1500 followers. I originally signed up for this Twitter Follow Viral Email Program but it was a nuisance. I was getting over 300 emails every day and there is no way I could take the time to read them all! Reading makes me tired as it is, it can actually put me to sleep in a matter of minutes if I’m not careful!

The best thing to do on Twitter is to have conversations about things with people. Write about what you know, your expertise in one or two areas. People will learn to trust your input and look to you for advice for numerous things. Once you come across as someone who is helpful and knowledgeable in a topic of interest, you will find people referring you to others. I basically get all my followers from recommendations from my existing followers.

They tell their friends, followers to follow me! Pretty cool eh? Not much work involved other than writing good material and funny stuff really draws in a crowd. I get numerous comments on my jokes, are they my own or from a book? They are 100% all mine! I do have a witty way with words at times and without even realizing it, I love to poke fun at things people say (in a nice way of course to make them laugh.)

I’ve been like that all my life, wanting to entertain people but be considered funny, witty, smart and cool. I’ve written more blogs about my novel “The Mansion on the Hill” and book and article ideas that I’m currently working on. If your a first time writer you’ll want to check out this site to find information on manuscripts, submitting articles, creating a synopis and book proposal. You can view it at

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