Shopping For Bargains At The Flea Market!

It’s so awesome to get nice gifts for under 10$ at your local flea market. Today I found a lava lamp for $5 bucks! We also go there to get our rabbit food and shavings and hay all under $2 each! If your looking for a nice pet they are selling rabbits for $10 each and also cages are from $55 up to $135 depending on what style you require. I bought my two little rabbits last week and it’s been fun. They keep my poodle daisy entertained, she likes to pace back and forth in front of the cage and bark at them. I don’t think she understands that they cannot bark back LOL

It would be interesting though, if your looking for outfits for your pets, the church bazaars are full of talented seamstress and designers! I found some cute sweaters and coats for under $15! Also the SPCA in Fort Erie, sells sweaters and outfits for dogs and cats for under $25. There are deals on beds, blankets and toys even at your local flea market.
I usually go to the one in st Catharines but there’s an even bigger one in London, Ontario. They had amazing deals on meats, vegetables, fruit, furniture and clothing! I found a Caronoa baseball cap for $10 and when i went to the pen center it was $40 for the exact same hat! Cost of inflation or what eh?
So for you bargain hunters out there, you may want to try various flea markets to find great deals on new and used items.

I noticed that value village is also carrying new items now for very reasonable prices. Great stocking stuffers and toys are now available there! In this day and age when people are struggling to get by, every penny counts!

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One Response to Shopping For Bargains At The Flea Market!

  1. Hi Ideagirl,

    Enjoyed your article, nice to know other areas are having success with flea markets. Our local flea marts sell a lot of new stuff, too. It’s a great way to save money. One of our new indoor flea marts even sells furniture and antiques on a lay-a-way plan; now that’s convenient.

    Have a Great Day,

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